90-Minute Career Consult With Dr. Nonterah (1:1)

Dear PhD/PhD student:

It is not you.

Transitioning to a non-academic career can be confusing and challenging.

  • "How do I identify skills I can use outside academia?"
  • "Academia is all I've ever known!"
  • "I'm applying for non-academic jobs but I'm not hearing anything back!"
  • "I don't know where to start!"
  • "Transitioning to a non-academic career sounds daunting. Do I have to start all over again?"

Any of these sound familiar?

I get it. When I was making the shift from academia to a non-academic job path, these questions ran through my mind regularly.

It can feel like a rut!

But making this career transition doesn't have to be energy-draining and discouraging.

This is why I created this 1:1 chat 90-minute career consult.

Listen to what Doreen, a postdoctoral researcher at Duke University had to say about her 1:1 session:

If you are a PhD or PhD student who needs guidance on:

  • The proper way to write and format your resume for industry so it catches the eyes of potential employers.
  • The practical way to actively build your professional network - without making it uncomfortable and without needing to post on Twitter or LinkedIn 20 times a week.
  • Identifying specific skills in your experience that make you unique and career paths that may suit you
  • How to leverage all of your experiences to build confidence that shines through on your job search and during interviews

...then book a 1:1 session today.

Once you purchase, sign in to find the calendar where you can book your 1:1 sesson.

If you encounter problems after your purchase, please email [email protected] and we'll sort things out.

I look forward to chatting with you!

Your Instructor

Dr. Gertrude Nonterah
Dr. Gertrude Nonterah

Dr. Gertrude Nonterah is is a medical writer and creator of The Bold PhD. She is passionate about helping PhDs navigate the non-academic career market.

When she is not writing or creating content, Gertrude enjoys time with her family, church and watching spy movies.

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